Coca Cola 6 Pack Bottles 1.5Ltr
2025-01-24 PKR 450.00

Coca Cola 6 Pack Bottles 1.5Ltr

Brand: coca cola
Price: Rs 450.00
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Coca Cola 6 Pack Bottles 1.5Ltr

Coca Cola is the world's favourite soft drink and has been enjoyed since 1886.

It was invented by Dr John S Pemberton and first went on sale at Jacob's Pharmacy in Atlanta, Georgia. It was actually Dr Pemberton's bookkeeper, Frank M Robinson, who invented the now world famous red-and-white logo with its special Spencerian script.

Coca_Cola arrived in Britain in 1900, when Charles Candler brought a jug of syrup with him on a visit to England. Later, in the early 1920s, it went on sale in Selfridges and at the London Coliseum.

Coca_Cola is now the most recognised trademark in the world, available everywhere from Australia to Zambia. Today you have a lot of choice in how you enjoy Coca_Cola, with regular Coca_Cola, sugar-free Diet Coke and sugar-free Coke Zero available in a variety of pack sizes for every occasion.

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