Colgate Herbal Advanced Fluoride Toothpaste (150g)
2024-12-22 PKR 130.00

Colgate Herbal Advanced Fluoride Toothpaste (150g)

Brand: Colgate Palmolive
Price: Rs 130.00
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Colgate Herbal Advanced Fluoride Toothpaste (150g)

Colgate Herbal is a unique combination of Colgate’s wide experience in oral care and nature’s best herbs for healthier teeth and gums. It protects teeth against cavities, providing care for your teeth and gums in a natural way. Colgate Herbal contains: • Neem to protect against inflammation • Clove to provide toothache relief and fresh breath • Mint for a fresh feeling mouth • Eucalyptus for a unique flavor and protection against bacteria
Type Toothpaste
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