Czar Rat Killer Gel (30gm)
2024-11-29 PKR 80.00

Czar Rat Killer Gel (30gm)

Brand: Czar
Price: Rs 80.00
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Czar Rat Killer Gel (30gm)

Amongst numerous terrible infestations, rats are the most repulsive noxious creatures that cause the apathetic sentiments because of their repeating abilities, driving one to take measures needing complete control over before they form colonies. Czar® Plus Rodent killer is a food based murdering gel made particularly to execute mice and rodent with unscented features.Its exuberant fixing frames hostile to coagulation so that when Czar rat executioner is eaten, it reduces the setting limit of the blood in rats. Its advantages are that it's consumable and sturdy which are extremely viable if there should be an occurrence of mice and rats comparably.
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