Lemon Max Liquid (2.75Ml)
2024-10-15 PKR 90.00

Lemon Max Liquid (2.75Ml)

Brand: Colgate Palmolive
Price: Rs 90.00
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Lemon Max Liquid (2.75Ml)

Lemon Max Liquid has a superior cleaning formula that is designed to entirely remove even the toughest grease from dishes, pots, pans and glasses. Max leaves utensils sparkling clean and free from residue. It is for all housewives looking for uncompromisingly clean dishes but who find that dishwashing is a chore that requires a lot of work. Max dish wash easily strips off all the grease, leaving the dishes sparkling clean. It cleans precious crockery and cutlery without any scratches. Max Liquid is also gentle on hands and prevents your skin from damage.
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