Lipton Yellow Label Mega Daane (190G)
2024-11-26 PKR 128.00

Lipton Yellow Label Mega Daane (190G)

Brand: Unilever
Price: Rs 128.00
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Lipton Yellow Label Mega Daane (190G)

Lipton® Mega Daane is made from large tea granules, that offer a rich, aromatic cup of tea. Launched in the summer of 2012 in Pakistan, this premium blend offers a distinct taste that you can savor, along with the deep color that is associated with a great cup of tea, made only from the finest tea leaves available that are then processed into large granules to retain the integrity of the taste and quality. To preserve the maximum taste, the real essence of the tea leaves is added back into the mixture once it is processed and manufactured. Danedar tea is widely the category-of-choice for Pakistanis, and Mega Daane has received widespread acclaim and acceptance for its taste and quality.  
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