Nestle Nesfruta Mango Fruit Drink (1000ml)
2025-01-18 PKR 96.00

Nestle Nesfruta Mango Fruit Drink (1000ml)

Brand: Nestle
Price: Rs 96.00
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Nestle Nesfruta Mango Fruit Drink (1000ml)

NESTLE NESFRUTA is our mainstream range for young enthusiastic teenagers. Be it school, college or university, a mundane day or a tiring evening, NESTLE NESFRUTA is by your side. It embodies NEWISM which encourages young teenagers to bring newness in everything they do by adding their own creative unique twist!
Available in Mango and Apple, Every sip brings you the refreshing fruity flavor that excite your senses and set the stage for good times with your friends and family.
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